Frequently Asked Questions About Trees:

1. Is it ok for trees to grow close to the house? When should I get them trimmed or cut down?

As trees grow taller, they also grow wider. Sometimes, this presents a problem when a tree was planted too close to the home. When to cut down a tree or trim the tree:

  • If the tree branches are near the windows
  • If the branches leave to many leaves in your gutters
  • If the tree limbs are hanging over the roof.
  • If the tree is swaying in the wind, near the home
  • If the tree is growing crooked, leaning toward the house.

2. What does a rotten tree look like?

In short, you can tell if a tree is rotten if it looks “sick.”

Check for these signs of a rotten tree:

  • Bark that looks old and crusty, or flaky and thin.
  • Rotten branches
  • Strange tree trunk growth, or damaged tree trunk
naz rotten tree

3. I have a tree in my front yard that needs to be cut. Can I just cut it myself?

In a residential neighborhood, you should never cut a tree down by yourself. It can damage your neighbors home, power-lines, or cars.

We would never suggest that anyone without experience cut down a tree, because cutting a tree down is tricky – when it falls! Don’t risk it… call a tree professional.

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